Graphic Artist

Cassandra “aka Cassy” began her career with Watergraphics while still pursuing her associate’s degree in graphic design. She has since earned her Associate in Applied Science, Graphic Design, as well as a certificate in web design and in photography, all from Waukesha County Technical College, in her native Wisconsin.

Even before starting her career with Watergraphics she was already an accomplished graphic designer having worked for two Wisconsin firms on projects ranging from sports team apparel to packaging and sales collateral.

Cassy’s two main passions are graphic design and the backwoods. Of the former, she is known to go into “the zone” for hours at a time working on client projects including packaging, package labels, company logos and marketing materials. She refers to it as “slaving,” but her smile and positive attitude would tell you otherwise.

When it comes to the backwoods, she would drop a design project in a heartbeat if someone is loading up to go backcountry. She is a true sports fanatic and deeply enjoys motor sports, water sports, snow sports, and just wandering through the wilderness with a couple of other passions we left out, her man Brandon and her dog, Petey.


Motto: Whatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger

Fashion Statement: Casual but classy

Designer: Ramon Esteve, architecture and design

Little Known Fact: I have a huge passion for vacationing and traveling to see things I have not yet seen. I constantly find myself trying to plan things out even though I love the idea of spontaneity.